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A collaboration with acclaimed UK folk producer Gerry Diver (Lisa Knapp, O'Hooley & Tidow, Sam Lee etc)

1. Awena is a remarkable and totally original record, a triumph that could well turn out to be career defining in announcing the arrival of Wes Finch as an exceptional song-smith. (Folk Radio)

2. A record of great story songs, the plotlines and characters of which linger like the ones you encounter in the books that you find impossible to put down. If a record could be a page turner then Awena is it. (Folk Radio)

3. Awena is a brilliant record that makes me think of Villagers and The Unthanks meeting in the Twilight Zone. (Folk Radio)

4. This a folk record as imagined by Frank Sinatra if he'd been born fifty years later. This is a rock record as recorded by Ernest Hemingway if that writer had been in James Last's band. This is a pop record as produced where Milli Vanilli were philosophy graduates who spent their lives discussing Roland Barthes and Jacques Lacan rather than practicing lip-synching. This is a classical music album where the assembled maestros actually knew the difference between classic and classical. (Americana UK 10/10)

5. "A potent combination at the edge of modern music making" and, I suspect, something of a game changer. (FATEA)

6. This is a very fine album, packed with excellent songs and brilliant musical
ideas. I hope it sells millions. (Dai Jeffries The Quietus and R2)